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Saturday, October 07, 2006 @ 8:58 PM
On Hiatus..

Parents are not home.

I'm like, not allowed to post, not allowed to lay a finger on the computer, or hang out with my friends.

In fact, my friends are currently at Sunway Lagoon, having the time of their lives. And i'm missing out on everything.

Life sucks.

Just 1 more freaking month, and i'm going to be free.


On a happier note, we all had to buy dresses for Graduation Day, which is on Nov 4 - someone better teach me how to apply eyeliner - and I didn't want to wear white.

Went shopping on Thursday.

Tatiana SUCKS.

The stupid saleswomen practically threw dresses at me, when all the dresses that they chose screamed Grandma.

We went to Guess, Warehouse, MNG, Topshop. No nice, decent dresses. XOXO was okay, though. They had cute sandals!!! But the dresses were way too short.

And finally, I found

FOREVER 21!!!!!!!!


I so love their cargo pants. And a button-down-dress and their bangles.

And I found the perfect little black dress!! Elegant and swishy, and it didn't bunch up when I sat down.

No pictures, yet. Will post again when I do get the chance. :(


Why did River Phoenix dieee? I knowww he snorted cocain and heroin in one go, but WHY DID HE HAVE TO DIEEEE ? He was the CUTEST EVER artist slash songwriter in the eighties!! He would've been sooo Brad Pitt now. Life is sooo unfair.

Just so you know who he is and what he looks like, go Google him, please, ladies.


Dec 4. Gawd. I can't wait. <3