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Wednesday, October 11, 2006 @ 2:38 PM
Shopping Spree - still on Hiatus..


Went shopping at 1 Utama again on Monday.

Bought :
  • Woolly hoodie - SEED - I LOVE THIS!! Spotted this in the PADINI department store next to Nose in the new wing. Wanted to get some camo shorts, too, but mom said it was late and it was time to go home. :(
  • Black heels - Vincci - fell in love at first sight. They didn't have my size in the new wing but they had my size in the old wing, so walked all the way there and bought em :)
  • Would I Lie To You - Gossip Girl novel by Cecily Von Ziegezar - been eyeing this book for months! Next book, May 2007. Fuck.
  • Blonde Ambition - an A List novel by Zoey Dean - Also been eyeing this book for months, actually. Next book, JULY 2007. Double fuck.
  • Brown velvet pumps - Nose - Love this. Wanted the snakeskin pumps in PrimaVera, but whatthefuck, velvet is nice, too :)

Lovelovelove it when I go shopping and come back with nice stuff! LOVE the heels. Hope I don't trip when I walk up the stage on Grad Day and tear my dress.

I am sooo clumsy.

Searching for eyeliner - but I don't know what brand or what's good to buy. Need foundation, too. No idea how or what to buy. Maybe i'll get a few people to go out with me on my birthday and we'll all go shopping. :)

The only makeup i've got is lipgloss. And i'm not sure if my lipgloss color matches my dress, but fuck it. I'm not going to fork out another fifty or sixty or seventy for another tube.

Spent the day at home - kinda sick. :( Feel like shit, but being home pays off, you know. I get to be here in front of the computer, and all.

Well, till my next post,

Mwahhs :) I miss all you people in Maple!!!!!

Remember, December 4's coming !