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Thursday, June 07, 2007 @ 5:30 PM
good charlotte.

**edit, as of 12.07 midnight

" Hahaha, your header looks so fake loh! looks like u didn't design it at all and copy it from some unofficial fansite and just photoshop it and just add your name there n claim it as yours hahaha don lie la i noe u "
from a so called friend a few minutes ago

haha, my header looks fake?
well, that's what you think.

wow, it looks like it's from some official fansite?
thank you, that's such a compliment!

wow, you think i just photoshopped it and just added my name there?
three words : fuck off, asshole.
as an artist (well, sort of), i NEVER plagarize or take any body's work, and if i do, i CREDIT them or ask permission, that's why i credited the brushes and stuff i used below, and the whole header was made by ME, pieced together by ME and toiled over for 2 hours.

hahaha, don lie la i noe u?
you know me?
well, think again.

**end edit, as of 12.15 midnight

to Good Charlotte, the bestest punk band of all time

and to Billy Martin
because he rocks.

hope y'all like it.
i designed it right after i ranted in the last post :S
oh gosh it's already 5.31PM

time really flies when you're designing

inspired by mothersound
whose blogskins and artwork rock socks

and i think i really overdid it this time
went crazy on brush spam and collage and stuff
so post your comments on the tagboard if you like it!

brush credits to celestial-star and to vDesigns
and random images of good charlotte through google
fonts through daFont

i am happiest when left alone to design, i realized
i drown out everything and don't even scream at my brother
billymartin helped to solve it all

so visit his artwork site and blog here
it's really really inspiring

yeah, so i'm logging off now, cos' i'm supposed to go out

love to all.

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