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Tuesday, June 05, 2007 @ 9:38 PM
The path I am taking..

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Every time my mind wanders off, there you are, standing in front of that lemonade stand in your music video, Predictable.


I'm having major writers' block.

I used to write a lot. By a lot, I mean a lot.

I have a lot of finished short stories in a little folder on my computer, all based on embarassing tween romance, my fascination with J.R.R. Tolkien's LOTR ... and my friendships over the years. Well, it's been nearly ... two years since i've written my last story - or even completed some of my old ones.

I used to sit for hours without moving in front of the computer - listening to old Linkin Park songs and Backstreet Boys songs because the songs they sing portray the feelings I usually bring forth in my stories - anger and love. Nope. No RO or MapleStory for me. Just me, WordPad and my keyboard.

And ... now, whenever I open a blank document in WordPad, I try to start this story that i've been wanting to write ever since I had a dream about it one night.
And out comes nothing.

Well, maybe i've been channeling my creativity down the wrong path. Maybe i've been spending too much time designing stuff on Adobe. Maybe it's time to stop, and concentrate on what I really really wanna do.
I WANT to achieve my dream of becoming a magazine editor.
But how can I be one... if I keep having writers' block?

All this has made me wonder - is journalism really for me?

*stomps off and sits in a corner*

p/s: Really recommended listening - WE'RE GOING RETRO TODAY!! - .. songs like "Lollipop"-MIKA, "Love Today"-MIKA, "I'm Blue DaBaDee"-Eifell 65 and "Bailamos"-Enrique Iglesias.

OH and Fergie's latest single "Big Girls Don't Cry" is really good too :D. Really inspiring. So listen up!