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Friday, June 29, 2007 @ 6:53 PM
Of being sick and Linkin Park.

I'm going out with my darlings + pounds teh bimbo tomorrow.

I'm getting sicker and sicker, but I still want to go :( .
I'm afraid i'll pass my sickness to them, watery eyes and all
Or even worse, pass out somewhere, too weak to move

I hope it will cure by morning, I don't want the ROXY salespeople to glare at the girl who's polluting their store with germs.

I'm sorry I wasn't allowed to go to your party, Chel. I really wished I was there today. (Though if I was, i'd be getting everyone sick with my flu.)

Joan was gotcha-ed by WL today. (Loo Jo An! HAHAHA)

Oh well. I'm out.
I need a shower and a second round of pills.

p/s: Watch this, from LP TV. Mike fooled around with a fish and cowboy boots. Laughed my butt off, and cheered me up a whole lot.

And after you've watched this, watch the other episodes.
They're really good, too.

I'm so sick, I swear my nose is going to drop off.
Sneezed like 252346546 times, AND ONLY ICE CREAM CAN MAKE ME FEEL BETTER.

And we have no ice cream at home.


Just downloaded the whole Minutes To Midnight album.
Linkin' Park rocks socks man!

Chester rules on the vocals - lots of screamo rock and angst and...

Oh what the heck.

Listen to this:

You'll fall in love with Linkin Park all over again, I swear.

I'm playing their whole album on a loop right now.


I need to pop some Panadol and flu medicine now, so i'll catch you guys later.

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