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Wednesday, June 27, 2007 @ 2:57 PM
Random picture galore.

The person who posted on my tagboard who went "winnie loves xxx winnie loves xxx :P" better own up.

How old are you?
Even my little nephews/nieces don't do that any more.
Are you like, five?


*comment deleted, because it was too fugly to be up on my pretty tagboard*

i'm sorry lah if you're someone i know and like/love. it's just that i super super tak tahan all these kind of comments. it's really stupid and if you think it's funny its so super not. just a single comment of that kind can destroy many good friendships. seriously. i've been through all this before. not willing to go through all of it again.

Octopus has been MIA lately.
I super damn long didn't talk with you adiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

Sudah jadi good boy study kah?

and now for

I'm nuts over ROXY now
Just went over to MidValley's outlet and there was like 30% off everything.
Plus 10% if you have their membership card :P

I snagged one pair of boardshorts and one black tee and I still want more omg omg omg
I've got the brown and blue version of this :P
Now I really want the green version too

I want I want I want I want I want I want

I also want a red hairband.
I know I know, I can see you all going O_O "WHAT?! WINNIE WANTS A HAIRBAND?" right now
But seriously, damn nais lah!

I'm not too fond of ParisHilton but whatever, she's got the hairband
But I want it in red.
Blood red.


And and and and Topshop shades!
I just found the perfect ones today.

(and when me and my brother - i so need someone else to shop with me, my brother isn't really any help - were in Topshop, he noticed like 4 white guys in the Topman section of the store, all trying out aviators and laughing among themselves and just having fun.

They looked like the boys from TheKillers. Scruffy but stylish in a way. They seriously looked like they were from a band!!!!!!!!!!

Wilson : Look! FallOutBoy! (-_- Setupid)

One of them was super cute and he kept smiling :P *falls down and dies*)
Something like this I reckon o_O

My Vincci ones are broken -_-
God knows who sat on/stepped on/broke them
But i'm super super sad :(


Random pictures
I found a whole lot of them in my picture folder and I thought,
"Why not put them up?"
So I did!
Not arranged in order :D
I forgot when and where some of them were taken though

WeiHong stuck his head into his Nike bag because his cap got taken by someone :P
The whiteboard, after Mr.Indy was done explaining our genre assignment
(This is only one half of the board)
Me, Syaf and ZhengJoo's sneakers
Taken god knows how long ago while we were sitting at the mamak in the morning
The colorful pelican
Me, with one of my trademark faces
I look like a pufferfish -_-

(Camwhoring on my phone)
Lets move on to the next picture shall we...
Taken in Moral class ... not so nais lah i'm not a pro camwhorer :S
Taken by Geoffrey
So cute can die!
Three of them are kissing each other in the corner :P
I WANT! :(
In Pyramid's lift on the way to watch 28 Days Later
Stupid show, really
Geoffrey and Kien.
I wonder how this picture got onto my phone

*runs off to get ready*

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