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Saturday, June 16, 2007 @ 10:49 PM
Guava Reunion.

CALLING ALL GUAVALIANS. New Guavas only blog here! :) Join it and write something from time to time :D

Guava Reunion Number 2542454362364.

@Mid Valley
10 of us this time, with Der back from NS, sporting a new new haircut and an earring on his left ear.

Ate breakfast/lunch/whateveryouwannacallit at Chopstik Noodle House : had curry laksa.
Soup wasn't that bad, but the tao pok (wtf how do you spell it) tasted like plastic.

Sitting around a rounded table, I couldn't help but feeling nearly whole.
I had 9 of the people that I loved the most around me, and all of them were still themselves - Der being less talkative, but that's kind of a good thing LOL.

:D Watched Fantastic Four two.
Johnny Storm was - is - a heartstopper.
'Specially that part where he hugged Jessica Alba (IN A FREAKING TUX WHEEE)
Seee, he may be obnoxious but he's a sweetie at heart :D

Oh oh and especially the part where he came out of the shower! XD
Okay enough of spoilers. :D

And then, we went to the ATM to watch Joan withdraw some cash.
While we were waiting, Dollar went

"My ass damn pain lah, I don't know why.."
Then I was nearby so my brain went into Dollar&Pounds mode.
"*starts laughing*"

Yeah, so after that, we headed to Dunkin' Donuts for some donuts (i know, after all that popcorn -_- we still wanted donuts).
And we camwhored a little.

Smiley KaiSin with Fantastic Four folder :)

GRAWRRR *bites Terence's finger off*

Couldn't resist.

Me and my bimbooo ;)
Whose car we dubbed the Dollar-mobile. XD

*gets into the car*
Joan went
"Let's give a name to your car!"
"Hmm, I never thought of naming it..."
"Let's call it Dollar!! Or Dollar number two or..."
"THE DOLLAR MOBILE!" *Joan and Terence exclaimed in unison*

Cold chocolate nutty donut and vanilla donut.

I've got to go now. :)

Have a nice day people!


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