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Sunday, June 10, 2007 @ 6:59 PM

*edit as of 12.34 am

God, please warn me one month in advance before anyone is going to spring us a 13+ page assignment next time?
Thank you.

Off tooooooo beddddddddddzzzzzzzzzzz *snore

*slaps self*

at least for one month.
i've been flitting from header to header to header to header
and i can't stop designing!

when i take a break from working on the superhero assignment i just start to design.

well, this time, Ryan Ross from P!ATD (Panic! At The Disco - great music, by the way), inspired me, big time
i just LOVE that picture he is in with Brendon.
Both of them would make a cute couple, don'tcha think?

the credits are at the bottom left, if you want to know where i get my brushes and stuff from

and now, pictures, for you to drool on :-

i think my ryanross obsession is returning again >_>
(if you know me well, i tend to obsess over certain cute celebrities from time to time...)

Proves that most people put eyeliner on with their mouth open

He uses mascara - or is it liquid eyeliner? - to do intricate designs on his face
Damn talented ok - i can't even put my own eyeliner on properly -_-

(as you can see, i used this pic up there)

The whole band of P!ATD floating in a sea of black balloons
I decided not to include the other 2 members - they don't really look as good as Brendon and Ryan.

I also used this picture and i'd purposefully cut a bit of his shoulder off >_> ..
Fine. It was an accident :(
*sighs .. too late to go and edit it now :( *

Ryan on the left with his ubercute hair!

My most favorite picture of P!ATD.

Ryan shooting an adorable smile to the audience.

I also covered half of Ryan's guitar accidentally.
-_- must learn to be more careful next time.

Ryan is the songwriter for all of P!ATD's songs
(yes, all their songs have very very unique lyrics)
That's where his artistic side kicks in ;)

Brendon looks like a duck in this pic. NEXT. (and yes, i also used this picture in my header :D )

Scary Ryan.
Serious Ryan.

I absolutely LOVE his makeup jobs - all self done!

Emo Ryan

I looove this pic.

"Winnie, who is that zombie in your display picture?" said Mugen >_>

Ryan Ross is pretty ;)

Well then, I shall have to leave this here, before Mr.Indy kills me on Wednesday for not doing work >_> * have to go analyse the fantastic4 now
JohnnyStorm is burning hawt :D

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