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Saturday, June 09, 2007 @ 4:23 PM
a boring saturday.

bored to bits;
in between watching - and analyzing - superhero movies
i've been watching episodes of that 70's show
ashton kutcher and wilmer valderrama are the bomb!

thanks wl :)
doodles on my hand in class
an umbrella at the mamak in college

"omg umbrella also you wanna take ar?!"
"... is there anything she hasn't taken a picture of?"
"*um, lots of things okay? i haven't taken pictures of billy martin in a tuxedo yet!!* hey, it's colorful, ok?"
"*shakes head*"

i like colorful things :D

designed by moi while waiting for a show to load
credits to The Orlando Bloom Files for stock
brushes to Romancebox.org (gorgeous flower brushes)
feel free to use it if you want, it doesn't really fit on my blog
i might just make a resource site.


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