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Friday, June 08, 2007 @ 6:39 PM

i miss a certain friend :(
it'sbeensolongsincewehadabitchtobitch talk

p/s: i cut my hair today
it's so short
i feel like gluing my hair back on

nuuuuuuuuuu :(

supermanreturns down, batman, catwoman *anyone got DVDs?*, fantasticfour and spiderman to go!

*drinks more lipton ice green tea and gets to work*

holy baloney
i'm addicted on designing now
that explains my newest header yet, featuring Simple Plan
inspired by manikka

naw, it's not permanent ; i'm reverting it back to my beloved GoodCharlotte tomorrow
just downloaded their whole album, Good Morning Revival
i adore You're Gone, Superman Can't Walk and Dance Floor Anthem and of course, Keep Your Hands Off My Girl

oh yeah, credits
to SimplePlanFan for pictures (absolutely adore the tiny one on the right where they are all wrapped up in the yellow-and-black-striped-duct tape)
i made it small so that you people wouldn't fall in love with it too - too many people already
brushes to vDesigns (check back to yesterday's post for the link)
fonts to daFont
and yeah i think that's pretty much it

tell me which one you like best
and maybe only then i'll make my decision
right now, good charlotte it is

so enjoy looking at simple plan for one day
if you didn't see it, then look above :)

alrighty, off to RO for guildwar!
then research on superheroes
looking at brandon routh and christian bale ain't so bad after all :)

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