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Monday, June 11, 2007 @ 8:07 PM

A One! A Two! A Three!!!
And MascaraSpots is up!
Just havent posted any of my designs on it yet.
Tolong add kat links kawan kawan sebagai MascaraSpots boleh tak?
Beribu-ribu terima kasih kat semua!

My Malay is going down the drain
Just the way I like it xD

Shpyderman Shucks.
(The way WL would have said it if he thought Spiderman sucked. :D)

And yesh it dush.

I have holidays soon soon soon soon soooon!

Next week, I think, according to Nadia.

My turn to laugh. Ha. Ha. Ha!
At each and every one of you who had holidays for the past two weeks.
Though it's only for one week, but there'll be another holiday at the end of the sem.
*grins to self, thinking of all the lazy mornings i'll be spending asleep in bed while the lot of you are sitting, toiling over calculus questions in class or slumped on your cheap plastic desks, listening to the gray, balding lecturer drone on and on and on and on and you just WISH you could make time fly by....
Ahhhhhhhhhh. Heaven.

I miss playing RO already.
I want to train my SuperNovvy *pouts like a child with no candy

Oh. My resource blog is nearly up ;]
Stay tuned for Mascaraspots!

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