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Thursday, June 14, 2007 @ 1:24 PM
Ryan Ross and Brendon Urie.

Nutty nutty nutters xD
I just found like 20 billion P!ATD icons containing lots of Ryan Ross and Brendon Urie and Ryden xD
Here, i'll post some of my favorites.

1) if you're a straight straight guy, if you know what i mean, i suggest you don't scroll down for quite a long time xD (but i think there's no such thing as a straight straight guy anyway, so just scroll down xD)


Only Ryan Ross and Brendon Urie for today.
Billy Martin shall have to wait XD

Ryden (RyanxBrendon)

I've got tons and tons more (80 to be exact xD)
*I can so totally see Terence smacking his forehead at this and Geoffrey going -_-*


my favorite picture xD
:S weird.
I thought Ryan wasn't gay and he had a girlfriend, according to Brendonurie.net.
Oh well. :D

Random stuffs:

I'd better stop now before I go crazy xD
I have a slight suspicion that Brendon Urie is gay.


Oh shit.
I'm getting really really worked up.


okay did i just say that out loud?

I super super do!!!!
Ryan's soft, sweet, playful, caring ...... cute xD and Brendon's usually the rough, manly one.
They're so fit for each other!!!!!!!
Okay im going nuts.

Got to go - mom's here.

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