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Tuesday, June 12, 2007 @ 1:27 PM
Random sial..

In The Media Hub
On my left, Donkey.
On my right, Pelican.
On my far right, Alissa.

"Oh my god la. I'm going to turn you all gay la by the year ends. Got alot of cute guys that you cannot resist." (Or something like that, forgot what I said already -_-)
"Well, how do you know that we aren't gay already?"
*leans in to sniff Jason's shirt* "Smells like bananas."
-a pause-

That's RyanRoss and Brendon Urie.
*runs around screaming in circles*
They look so cute together XD

I'm going to make a design on this pic!!!
Too cute to ignore xD

Okay, i'd better sign off now, assignment due tomorrow >_>