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Wednesday, June 13, 2007 @ 8:29 PM
Honeydew shake.

*updated, one new request header in MascaraSpots.

god, last night i stayed up until 4 to finish our MMH assignment.
.... and came to college looking like someone beat me up and threw in a few sucker-punches.

and honeydew shake with jelly is damn nice!
bubble tea bubble tea!

now to go read more RyanRoss fanfics and then probably design a quick header later and then for some well-earned rest.

*edit : funny, the p!atd fanfic site is full of stories, about 90% of which have loads of grammatical/spelling errors and the story i was reading is told so bad that i dont even know what the hell the author is trying to say. and yet, 5703 commenters think the story is awesome and the author should write a book. -_-

*edit as of 10.10 PM
Just found this fantabulous P!ATD slash fanfic! (Not for guys - unless your sexual preferences are leaning towards guys - to read. Finally. Good English and good stories at LAST.)

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