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Wednesday, June 20, 2007 @ 7:13 PM

Spent a total 5 hours working on cropping pictures for the header.
Ryan's and Spencer's hair are like, all over the place -_-

(you can find some on sidebar)

Some certain people think I only like Panic! because of Ryan.
Stupid much?

Sure, Ryan's too pretty to be true, but their music, especially Brendon's voice and their ability to sing live were what dragged me in.
Seriously, go take a look at one of their Live At Denver vids up on Youtube.
Spencer RULES on the drums, btw.

Plus, their lyrics are pure genius.

What ruins the band are fans who only like them for the boys and take no interest in their music.
Hell, it peeves me to the core.

Do you even know the name of their record label?

So, say whatever you wanna say.

Talk to Adam hand.

I'm fucking starving, so i'm outta here.

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