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Saturday, September 29, 2007 @ 9:29 PM
Fluffy fluff fluff.

I have had enough of fluff. I'm pretty sick of Bones/Booth for the moment.

FLUFF, not SMUT for God's sakes.

Fluff means fluff. Romance. Happy clappy stuff.

Smut means... smut. *shudder*

I only read homosexual - MALE TO MALE ONLY - smut, thank you very much :)

And speaking of homosexual Bones smut... I just found http://community.livejournal.com/bones_slash THIS website :D

God, thank you for creating Livejournal communities.


Bones and Booth fluff fanfiction!!!!

Right over here :-

The stories warmed my heart and made me smile a smile similar to a Cheshire Cat's :)

Now I feel like drawing small red and pink hearts and talk about flowers and sunshine, birds and the bees and think about other happy clappy things, oh just because. I don't even mind that due to my cheap nail polish remover, the skin on my fingers is drying up and I really really really need moisturizer.

Oh, David. If only you were locked in my closet. :)

2 hours and 25 minutes to Lynette Oneechan's birthday.
I miss you!

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