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Wednesday, September 26, 2007 @ 7:10 PM
Lies and Bones.


irrelevant lolcat below :-


just thought it was unbelievably cute :)

makes me want wine now. dammit.


I just finished watching Bones episodes 5-8 (because the CD that contained eps 1-4 wasn't included in my supposedly complete box set WTF?! I'm going back to the shop tomorrow to demand a replacement) AND IT IS SOO SO SOSOSOSSOSOSOSOSOSOOSO GOOOOD!

I LOVE the sarcastic remarks zinging back and forth from Special Agent Booth and Dr Temperance "Bones" Brennan.
Throw in three witty co-workers and you won't get your butt off your sofa.

It doesn't hurt that Zack (sidekick to Dr.Brennan) is super cute :D

And so's hunky Special Agent Booth or Angel in the series Angel.

Dr. Daniel Goodman: That is not a tuxedo, Dr. Hodgins.
Dr. Jack Hodgins: I am not going, Dr. Goodman.
Dr. Daniel Goodman: You are going.
[places name tag in Dr. Hodgins' pocket]
Dr. Daniel Goodman: When we arrive the donors will all be wearing name tags.
Zack Addy: What do we talk about?
Dr. Daniel Goodman: Your work, of course.
Angela Montenegro: Zack's work consists of removing flesh from corpses. Hodgins dissects bugs that have been eating people's eyeballs.
Dr. Jack Hodgins: Leave me out of it - I am not going.
Dr. Daniel Goodman: And how do you see your job?
Angela Montenegro: [sighs] I draw death masks.
Dr. Daniel Goodman: Is that really how you see it?
Angela Montenegro: Don't you?
Dr. Daniel Goodman: You are the best of us, Miss Montenegro. You discern humanity in the wreck of a ruined human body. You give victims back their faces - their identities. You remind us all of why we're here in the first place - because we treasure human life.
[Angela hugs Dr. Goodman]
Dr. Daniel Goodman: Oh, for God's sake.
Dr. Temperance Brennan: What happened?
Zack Addy: Apparently all Angela needed was to hear her job description in a deep African-American tone.

See? I bet you're loving it already.


I shall kick that guy's ass tomorrow if he doesn't give me that cd!

Most everybody lies. The dead can't.

So true, Detective Mercer. So true.