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Tuesday, December 04, 2007 @ 6:50 PM
Guava galore.


The man just came over and brought my CPU back to reformat/revive it. YAY!

I wonder what he'll say when he finds my 234273947293 slashfics and my 300 Ryden icons. And, um, I think there's still a yaoi manga or two somewhere in the jungle that is my pile of documents.

Um. Happy reading Mister Computer man.


Anyways, Saturday was the reunion of us Guavalians.

Guavalians, not Gammalians, mind you. There's a difference. It's up to you to use your brains to figure it out.

Lynette couldn't come, Suz's in England, WenLiang's in Australia and Jo Wen is .. um. Uncontactable :|

Anyway, we had an awesome time.

We ice-skated, I fell down twice, and I've got a huge blister that evolved into a wound on my left leg, but in the end, I learned how to skate a little. :)

At one point, over some la mian noodles and siu long baos at lunch, I felt so at home that I just sat quiet for a moment and glanced around at all of us with a smile on my face. We've changed, a little. But basically everyone's still everyone.

Andrew's still as random as ever. I don't know if that's a good or bad thing, HAHA but it's certainly comforting to know that he's the same, I guess? :P

*on the escalator*
"I want to pee."
*bursts into laughter*

Joan's still making fun of Adam's Adam. The poor guy.

"So, Adam!"
"How's life in the Big Apple?"

That caused me to nearly fall down on the ice when we were skating.

Aahh, the memories.

These are pictures from Joan's camera.

Us at lunch outside Dragon-I.
Spot me!!

Us again. Spot me!!

Us at Jack's Place for dinner, with the head waiter who suspiciously reminded us of Wen Liang. See, Wen Liang? At least you were sort of with us that night :)

Dereck's strategically placed middle finger.

Eric Lay - haven't seen this guy in ages.

Andrew being all happy clappy.

In the car on the way home:

Cousins and my best friends : Joan, Huai and I


We're big goofballs when it comes to cameras :|

And we'll see our names in city lights... make the clock stop, make your heart drop and come alive...

We're so cheesy, Pizza Hut's going to have a run for its money.

The Ninjabanana.


Hieeeeeee!! I iishh Winnie worhhh! Naish to meet euuuu!!

*shudders at self for talking like that*

Joan : cooler than thou.


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