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Thursday, December 13, 2007 @ 5:48 PM
random things about me.

Remember the movie I told you guys about? The one we'd finished filming and presenting?

You can watch it right over

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1) I am the worst procrastinator ever.

2) I tend to wonder about random stuff like, at this very second, how many people must be dying? Or how many babies will be born?

3) You know those little saucer plates filled with soy sauce at chinese restaurants at lunch/dinner? I fill them with soy sauce mixed with garlic & i nibble at the garlic all night long, sometimes neglecting dinner itself.

4) Ever since Dara told me her story about the ghost in her bed thing, I always look right and then left to make sure no one's there beside me before settling in and going to sleep.

5) I write slash stories and I read them, too. And I actually like them more than normal boy-like-girl stories. *shifty eyes*

6) I actually used to imagine that the world was made for me when I was younger. Like, oh, I was created, then someone decided to give me parents, and a home, and a world to live in and other people to meet and gawk at and stuff but then I learned about all the bad stuff in the world like murders and all and I didn't want to imagine that the world was made for me after all.

7) I cried when a kangaroo peed on my foot when I was four.

8) I wake up in the middle of the night at least one night a week, and peer out my window for an hour in the dark to see if anyone is outside because of a tiny little sound I heard.

People I tag:
1) Jason
2) Rachel Law
3) Rachel Au
4) MunSuet
5) Nash

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