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Monday, May 19, 2008 @ 7:48 PM
i cut mah feenger :(.

i cut my finger today.

i can barely remember the last time i did. it was when i was in standard two or three, and we were asked to bring potatoes and a blade to school so that we could cut them into portions to understand the subject of fractions better. you know, half a potato, one fourth of a potato, one tenth of a potato and so on. once we cut them, we had to dip the potato in stamp ink and stamp them onto our maths books and write down the fraction in clear numbers beside it.

i remember being so enthusiastic about the thought of a practical lesson that i insisted on working on the potatoes myself instead of letting my maths teacher help me. yeah, i was a learner, at age eight. a little rebellious and stubborn (okay. make that very stubborn), even then, but i wanted to learn all the same. the blade that i had was short, about the length of my middle finger now, when outstretched. it was just right for my little hand to hold. it was red, with the words Snoopy and friends printed on the little handle. fuck -- i just hit my right finger hard on a key when i wasn't supposed to and it hurts like a bitch. so i was concentrated on the potato so much that i accidentally pressed my second finger to the blade - and i started bleeding all over my maths book. it hurt like a bitch, too - i had to be sent to the staff room for a plaster.

this time, it was a Sprite can. i cracked it open like how i usually do - third finger on the tab, thumb bent on the top of the can. once the can was open, i looked down and noticed that my finger was bleeding. i didn't even feel pain at all.

until the bleeding stopped, that is. now it hurts like a bitch.

boohoo :(

p/s: im still peeling. as in my skin. bahh my arm looks diseased :(