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Saturday, July 07, 2007 @ 11:21 PM
The Curve.



Nah, I was in the middle of watching the Australian VMA Awards on MTV when Huai called and asked if they could drop by to pick me up for dinner @ The Curve and my parents were cool 'bout it so .... yay!

It was pretty fun and all, especially on the way back, with silly WL and Joan winding down the windows and going woohoo! and weehoo! along with Akon.
It was nuts.

And during dinner, it was mayhem.
People kept trying to steal other peoples' food.

After walking around The Curve and Ikano for like one hour and thirty minutes in search for the right restaurant to eat at, we finally settled on Ichiban Ramen in Ikano.
I ate this chicken curry don thing.
It was kind of nice, but too sweet for my taste.

Ah well, WL's going back to Aus.
Shall miss him, though there's always RO ;)

Pictures soon!

Oh God I forgot I have a test on MONDAY.
And I have yet to finish flyers and all.
Ugh, i'm so dead.

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