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Thursday, July 05, 2007 @ 7:38 PM
Zoo Negara.

Zoo Negara
Last last Thursday us girls went to Zoo Negara to do some research for our Moral project.
Well, the trip was fun, though tiring - my legs were super dead when we were done.

Saw lotsa animals, some were well-kept, some weren't.

Lish, ZJ and I got lost like every ten minutes or so, but with ZJ and Lish as the navigators (i'm really bad with maps and geography - "WHICH WAY IS SOUTH?!") we managed to find our way through the zoo eventually.

Some photos were taken by me, most were taken by ZJ.
This sign was on top of the entrance.
I thought they'd have this big sign with a WELCOME TO ZOO NEGARA! on it but they just had this tiny one.
The sponsors list - I see SriKL :D
The huge Zoo Negara sign's shadow.

Me and ZJ at the entrance.
Zheng Joo's hand.
He swung right to us and started posing just like that.
The chicken barn ain't locked, it's just latched, while the goat barn was >_>
Aren't chickens harder to catch if they're loose?
The biggest rodent on earth.
Smelly hippos.
You can smell 'em from like a street away.
The stag with antlers peed on us.
Peed on us.

We called to it and it got nearer and nearer and we were all "YAY! IT'S COMING!"
But then we all jumped back when suddenly he sprayed this liquid at us.

Thanks a lot, Bambi.
You made my bag stink.

I initially thought leopards were big and all but this leopard was as big as Candy.

And it was pacing around in circles in its huge enclosure.
Something must be up.
Bengal tiger.
:P So this is the tiger that we've been paying to sponsor every year.
Kinda skinny.
We came across Deborah, the Rachels and Julia, so we traded cameras and helped each other snap group photos.
Mossy roads.
The animals all have this thing for Lish.
If she calls to them, they go to her.

I'm serious.

It happens with deer, it happens with giraffes.


LOTS of em.
Flew in our faces.
We had to duck.
Fish, fish and MORE FISH.
Among all the storks suddenly there was a crow.
Sesat betul. XD
And poop.
Seriously these girraffes were so close, ZJ could take a picture this close.
The first giraffe looks as if he's going "Huh? What's happening there?"
This little girl was sooooooo cute.
She kept asking her parents questions like "Where's the monkey? Can we go in and touch them?"
Um, yeah.
Guess we are.
Don't know what we were doing XD
But I like this pic.

Little Meekos :D
Always loved raccoons ever since I saw Pocahontas.
I want a fat fluffy one of my own :[
Jalan Taylors in Zoo Negara!
The bears' enclosures were pretty bad.
One bear was half-hanging out of his cage and he looked like he was dead.

I see teeth!

I love this picture :D

Soon it was time to go home :)
Tired but happy, we took a nice last shot before heading to the van back to college.


Thanks Mugen for cheering me up this afternoon :)
I won't really hate Thursdays as much anymore.

:) All right, back to reading Ryden smut.

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