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Saturday, October 20, 2007 @ 5:23 PM
Fifteen candles.

#1 Even though you just pissed me off less than five seconds ago

#2 And though i'm typing this with gritted teeth...

#3 And though we have fights like the one we had yesterday night about the ACOUSTIC LIVE video of The Click Five's "Mary Jane" on MTV (it is Acoustic Live!!), arguing whether it was actually called the "Acoustic Live" version or the "Acoustic" version... *pulls hair out*

#4 And even though you can be such a sneaky little hypocritical tell-tale mummy's boy sometimes ALL THE FREAKING TIME....

#5 And even though we have fights with each other that result in me trying to punch the lights out of you and you running around the bed in an effort to get away from me (you're always the coward, even though you never admit it -_-)

#6 And even though you're soooooooo anal that I am seriously considering finding you a boyfriend as a present

... Happy Birthday, Dumbass.

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