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Monday, October 01, 2007 @ 10:04 PM
I like, I like, I like.

Things that I like not in any order whatsoever :-

- fuzzy cuddles with Candy (that's my dog, for your information)

- songs that make me want to dance

- writing with new pencils

- road trips

- dreams with my idols in them

- the smell of when you step down off a travel bus into the cold air

- when people laugh at my jokes

- songs that make me cry

- Adam Sandler movies

- group bonding sessions

- a comfortable silence in good company

- curry

- Brendon the fuzzy sheep

- finding old cards written by people that I have forgotten

- Cristiano Ronaldo, preferably in tighty whities. fully clothed is fine by me, though.

- meaningful conversations with meaningful people who make sense

- listening to a good song, knowing that I will definitely download it as soon as I get the chance to lay my hands on my computer

- feeling content

- finding an old birthday present

- biting down into peanutbutter-and-chocolate-waffles that are crispy on the outside and soft on the inside

- the feeling when you rub your blue-blacks

- singing along to a cheesy song with friends, not caring if we're cheesier than the song

- moments when I can't seem to stop laughing

- a good book

- surprises - good surprises

- beating my brother in UNO... or any other person, for that matter

- reading a fluffy story that makes me feel all fuzzy on the inside

- sitting around a fire

- hot chocolate with marshmallows

- feeling good about myself

- the smell of new clothes

- thin belts

- guilty pleasures like listening to "Terhangat Di Pasaran" by KRU :P

- knowing the lyrics and singing it all loud and proud in a concert

- snapping a good photograph

- knowing the right answers to questions like "What color is a Smurf if you choke it?" (C'mon, guess! I want the answers in the tagbox. Terence, off-limits.)

- knowing the right answer to the next question : What color does the Smurf turn if you choke it harder? (answer this too!)

- having the upper hand over my snotty little brother

- writing in a fresh new notebook

- watching a good show like Bones and Psych

- when all the songs on an album are really good to listen to, not only one or two singles (eg. The Click Five , Linkin Park, My Chemical Romance, Maroon 5, Simple Plan)

- cupcakes

- being accepted by people around me

- when I am satisfied with my assignments

- indo mee goreng at the "sticky glue mamak stall" at college :D (it's in between the usual morning mamak and Rouche - I don't know what's it called but boy it has good food.)

- yellow colored Skittles

- anything about ancient Egypt, mummies and Pyramids


- Mario. Hell yes, Mario. *wipes brow*

- when Manchester United beats Chelsea in a football match. Hell yeah.

when a design i've worked on for so long turns out beautiful

- popcorn that has been smothered with caramel

- lipgloss

- white bunnies with black ears and black markings around their eyes - not saying I don't love all other bunnies. I love all bunnies equally.

- the smell of Dior Addict Shine

- clean airports


- when it's finally your turn to get on a ride at an amusement park

- when Dad holds my hand, for it reminds me of the little girl that I once was

- when it is Christmas, because shopping malls try to overdo each other in decorations

- pageboy caps (or boys in pageboy caps)

- spending money :)

- meeting new people


- when we find out last minute that we don't have classes tomorrow and that we can sleep in and practically do anything we want!

and yes, I don't have classes tomorrow. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA