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Sunday, July 15, 2007 @ 3:04 PM
Randomness galore..

A few random things :-

**edit as of 9.40 PM**

The stupidest pickup line I've ever heard :- "Your name must be Mickey because you're so fine."

Smack-head-on-table worthy.


1) I really really want McDonalds now. Fries, crispy on the outside and soft on the inside, a double cheeseburger drenched in cheese and coke with ice. No wait. An Oreo McFlurry too.

2) Since breakfast, I havent' eaten anything. And breakfast was at nine a.m. Came home from breakfast, slept staight until two..... And now i'ts 5.26 pm. And why do I smell durians coming from downstairs?

Oh wait. There are durians downstairs.

3) Scratch the McDonalds. I want waffles. Waffles smothered with chocolate from our chocolate fountain (yeah yeah, I started craving it again after a few days), and chocolate covered strawberries sitting delectably on the top... mmmmmmm...

Okay, i'm REALLY hungry now.

4) Andrew Stetson is good enough to eat :D


How very smexy.
Don'cha think so? :D
He has perfect nipples XD

5) de·lec·ta·ble [di-lek-tuh-buhl]

1. delightful; highly pleasing; enjoyable: a delectable witticism.
2. delicious: a delectable dinner.

3. an especially appealing or appetizing food or dish: a buffet table spread with delectables.

6) When I was younger, I really thought forty was spelled as fortie. I remember vaguely having an argument with my mom and my godma because of it.

I had just finished watching this lame cartoon thing of Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves, and there were these subtitles.

Me being a kid who started reading (according to my mom) at one, I read the subtitles, and I saw the word forty. And I declared, "Mom, they misspelled forty. It should be spelled fortie."

"No, it's forty. F-O-R-T-Y." My mom explained.

"NO!" I ran over to the tabletop, grabbed a piece of paper, and printed out the words F-O-R-T-I-E. "It's spelled like this!"

"It's forty lah." My godma told me softly.

We spent the whole day arguing, until dad came home, grabbed the dictionary, found the right page and shoved it under my nose.

7) I'm really really craving for waffles. SOMEBODY TAKE ME TO WAFFLE WORLD! :(

8) I found a bag of chocolate wafers in the cupboard. They don't really help much, and they aren't waffles....

OH WAIT. Isn't that a plate of waffles on that table over there? ...

Oh no. It isn't.

I must be hallucinating.

9) I think you can tell that i'm bored out of my mind. Yes. When i'm done with this, I can continue doing my resume. (Which I haven't even started yet .)

Miss. Thong, I would just like to say that even for a grrrrrreat IT teacher - and the fact that you have three golden retrievers, two of which are males *hint hint* - you give the suckiest assignments. *nods*

10)Something for the pelican :-


Adorable, ain't it?
Don't worry about your parents ; I get more scoldings from mine than you get from yours.
A certain one in March made me want to jump off a cliff or hang myself from the ceiling fan.
So, yeah.

And the donkey:-


LOL it's so adorable.

You drove all the way there at eight in the morning.

I'm sooooooooo hungry.