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Saturday, August 04, 2007 @ 11:35 PM
A Craving.

A craving.

I'm craving for chocolate waffles. Home-made waffles, crispy on the outside but soft on the inside. The kind that will make you close your eyes with relish as you take a bite, your mouth full of melted chocolate.

Waffle World's Belgian Chocolate waffle doesn't satisfy my cravings. What i'd really like are waffles drowned in chocolate - not just any chocolate either - chocolate from our oh-so-famous chocolate fountain.

*starts drooling*

*wipes drool with a cloth*

:( Does anyone have a waffle machine at home?


My life as i've known it is about to be over - i've started playing Ragnarok Online again, so expect less stuff from me. I have to write in my blog every day though. (If you haven't noticed.) It's become a sort of unbreakable habit of mine. Can't go without blogging for a day. After a while, my hands have this sort of itch to type, and there are too much thoughts and words in my head that I have to spew out somewhere.

Notebooks aren't safe. They usually are found. And if they are found, i'm dead. (Well, usually). Don't ask. If I tell you, I shall be here till tomorrow morning. Therefore, a blog is always the best.

Better for you and better for me, I guess :)

I'm getting tired, and I am in need of a shower, so i'm going to stop very soon.

Before I go, I just have one announcement to make : Loo Joan has not been seen online for quite some time, to the point that I think I haven't spoken a word to her online for the past.... two weeks or so. (If it's lesser than two weeks, well, it just shows that i've been missing you a lot huh, Boney?)

Miss all of you Gammaguavas.
Can't wait for our next reunion.