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Saturday, July 28, 2007 @ 12:27 AM
Dance dance.

I wanna dance SOME MORE!

I'm finally back from Orientation Night for the July intakes (we decorated the courtyard)!

I've been at college since like ten in the morning, helping out with decorations, having discussions with Debs and Jesslyn about the ISA assignment and then right back to decorating - and then the party started.

Overall it was tiring but fun. We spent a few hours helping out with the decorations. I met new people like Chatny (I don't know how to spell her name but she's really really nice), Shae (Shannon?) who helped me keep my stuff in his locker before the party really started, Atiqah, Suet Li and lots more people lah.

We stuck stars on the bridge, tied balloons, wrapped red-and-gold cloth around the four pillars in the courtyard, sprinkled glitter and scattered rose petals on the dancefloor. And when everyone was busy eating, we were busy placing floating candles on the water that looked really pretty when we were done!
After all the decorating, we grabbed some food and sat in a circle by the candlelit pond and admired all our hard work :)

Jason, Justin and Laura rocked the dance floor when it was time for them to perform! Whoo! I was screaming along with Geoff, Flo and Su. XD We screamed "WE LOVE YOU JASON!!" when they came out but everyone else were yelling and wolf-whistling as well so I guess he didn't hear us!

After all the performances (one involving the TCHT boys dressing up as drag queens and workin' it on the dancefloor), they finally let us dance! Man, it was my first time actually dancing, and I was quite shy at first, but then I started to feel the music and danced along with everyone else.

I had to go home early though. Boo :( !

I can't wait for the next party we have!
It's going to be a blast (if we're there of course ;D)

Pictures soon, as soon as I get them from Flo (who brought her camera).

I'm so fucking hungry right now, although I ate already. Guess dancing takes up a lot of energy :)

I'm going to go eat something.
See ya!