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Thursday, July 19, 2007 @ 10:43 PM

The carrot nut in the ridiculous hat...
Part Two.
Drawn by Mugen. :)
I love this.
It's the best one after supercarrot and cowboy carrot :D

I'm so bizzy this week. There's a replacement class tomorrow for English, since we all went into class late and all and I/we have these to do :-

-IT Powerpoint assignment due Tuesday (111111!!!!)
-Moral assignment due Thursday
-MMH assignment due next next week
-Genesis info posters by Tuesday

And i'm going to :-

-college tomorrow AND ITS A FUCKING FRIDAY :( my sleep-in-day *sighs*
-One Utama with teh bimbo (who gave me a lift home today ;D) and teh darlings :) on Saturday
-National Library with Debs on Monday
-Sunway Pyramid on Wednesday

Don't think i'll be sleeping much at all from now on.

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