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Tuesday, July 17, 2007 @ 5:50 PM
Ups and Downs.

Today -


-Sitting in front of the Annexe, singing aloud with Geoff, Amir, Su, Flo, Nadia & gang to random songs
- Helping to decorate LT1 and outside with all the little hellos and chatboxes
- Watching the video presentation :) and laughed my butt off at Amir's antics :D
- Good music from Jing's laptop
- Honeydew bubble tea with jelly
- Seeing people on the twister mat in various positions HAHAHAHAHA
- Stoning after the event @ courtyard with classmates
- Met new people :D
- Purple madness


- One hell of a motherfucking pain in the ass assignment.
- That bloody floor cleaner.

Mood: pissed, worried, peeved.
Listening to: You Give Me Something - James Morrison

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