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Friday, July 20, 2007 @ 3:57 PM
Muddled up.

Pitter patter

Rainy days always make me feel alone - somehow.

Even though i'm sitting in this cluttered hall, surrounded by two computers, two huge printers (both black and white, unfortunately) and my dad, who's sitting at the computer beside mine, I can't help but sigh as I hear the loud pitter-patter of rain over the enhanced voice of Justin Timberlake singing "I'm bringing SexyBack".

I've never particularly liked rain, especially the thunder and lightning that comes with it most of the time. Someone told me this story once, about a boy who slept with his windows open. One night, when there was a thunderstorm, somehow the lightning struck the boy while he was asleep. Early next morning, his parents found him dead on his bed. Ever since then, I've always slept with the windows and mosquito net shut and curtains drawn closed.

It's still raining now. I wish Candy was here with me, sleeping at my feet. She hates rainy days too. She hides behind the shoe cupboard as soon as the first rumble of thunder is heard, and she'll whine like no tomorrow. Maybe she feels alone too, wishing there were someone there with her to keep her company and to calm her nerves. If only mom would let her live in the house. Then both of us can keep each other company.

We had English class early in the morning today. Miss. Catherine chatted with us for awhile about the Hello event and the "mentor-mentee" system. She told us about this boy in diploma who stood out among the rest because he was kind of ... queer. I wonder who that boy is. We've never seen him around before. Maybe one day we shall.

Someone's car overheated and he came pretty late... I think I forgot who that was. *coughs briefly*

And yeah, before I forget, Jason, Geoff and I shall be going around on Monday, taking photos and documenting our day. (So some of you also better pose and act for us okay! :D) I think so.

:( I don't think i'll be going anywhere tomorrow. Sob sob. Another boring day at home!!
Maybe i'll pictures, then?

We shall see.

'Til then, see ya soon :)

p/s: i just felt like writing like this. i have no idea why. but someone said when i write like this i sound as if i'm someone like enid blyton. -_- enid fucking blyton. what the hell????


Falling faster, barely breathing,
give me something to believe in;
tell me it's not all in my head...

mixed up thoughts right in there with my busy schedule and loads of uncertainities.

whatever lah i just wanna go out tomorrow can :(
sorry for my slight emo spell. =(
emo stuff deleted now.


ugh. fucking russell peter bumfluff. its getting to me :(

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