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Monday, July 23, 2007 @ 5:39 PM


so testosterone boys and harlequin girls
will you dance to this beat and hold a lover close?
dance to this beat, dance to this beat, dance to this beat...
lets get these teen hearts beating faster faster, lets get these teen hearts beating faster...

Panic! At The Disco - the only fucking thing keeping me sane when Photoshop operates slower than the time my brother takes to finish showering. -_-

[/end rant]


I forgoed my afternoon nap just to post this up - if I don't, the pics will never be up - I procrastinate a lot. Owh dang. I just forgot - i've got Hello event pictures to post up too...
Ah, i'll just post them on my Flickr then i'll just stick the link in somewhere.

Mr.T promised us Shogun a long time ago heh heh, so yes yes, on Saturday he picked me and Huai up from my place and off we went to Shogun... :)
Walked around for a bit, met Joan then we went in!
No cameras were allowed in the restaurant though so we couldn't take any photos of yummy Japanese food.

Well, after that, we did a bit of light shopping (which wore Mr.T out) and then camwhored :P
So here are the photos!

I'm too busy to write long photo descriptions, so short ones today :D

Ter and Huai in Dorothy Perkins.

Um, I was coming out of the dressing rooms when Joan or Huai snapped this.
Didn't like what I tried on :(

Joan and Huai.

Before we went back, we bought gummy bears and jellies to snack on on the journey back to my house :)
Joan murdered a green gummy bear.

Me and my camera in the front seat.


Gummy-bear terrorizers :D

Joan modeling my new black nailpolish :P

Huai and I :)

Me with my koninakap XD
Lots of butter = i like = fat :(

Even if i'm in the front seat, we always find ways to camwhore... :)

I have vampire teeth.

This is Terence, concentrating on his driving....

Then we reached my house & watched um, animes ....
No homosexual porn I swear....

Ter got tired and he went home.

And sometimes girls just wanna have fun.

Sane enough for you?

Fish impersonation :P

Uh.. okay next photo...

Joan :P

And lastly


Steps to create this photo:-

1) Use a torchlight.
2) Cover the torchlight with a red cloth (preferably thin, so that the light can shine through)
3) Open your eyes as wide as you can :P
4) Once you've taken your photo (no flash - make sure you're in a dim place) upload it in and open Photoshop
5) Brightness - lower it down t.o -5 and you're all set :P

Okay, i've got to go for dinner, then to Photoshop pictures for our Powerpoint presentation tomorrow :D
Happy birthday to Donovan and a belated one to YeeLin! :D

Good luck FICMers for our exam tomorrow! :)

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