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Sunday, July 22, 2007 @ 11:11 PM
Carrots Ahoy.

Carrots Ahoy!

wtv 015 copy

This week i'll be extra extra busy with friends and assignments plus my IT exam on Tuesday so I won't really be updating pictures that often.
Here's a picture to keep you (or at least Mugen :P) happy for a bit.
It's FatCarrot aka. Carrot Moriji aka. Moriji-kun, sitting on top of a pile of old books on my orange desktop.
He looked so comfortable sitting there that I just had to take a photo.
Looks like he's looking out at the world through those round beady eyes of his :D

Anyway, we went to Geoff's house today to get our IT assignment due Tuesday started.
We've planned out what we wanted to do, and we're taking pictures/videos tomorrow.
Hope it all runs well then! :D

I'm off - i'm so sleepy, I missed my evening nap :(

Au revoir!