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Wednesday, August 01, 2007 @ 10:16 PM


this week's really taking a toll on me man. what with the assignments, and that Genesis event. its like all the lecturers ganged up on us and just picked this damn week to kill us or something.

"hey! lets pick a week and we'll torture them to death with assignments!"

"why, thats a GREAT idea!"
"wonderful! excellent! good!"
"so! *brings out calendar* what week shall we pick?"

"hmmmmmm... *stabs at calendar* what about this week? what with the exams coming up so close and that - what's her name again? - gween stifani concert thing, they'll have NO time to do it all!!!!"

*all three snigger at their plan*

and yeah, about today's event...

i am not a perfectionist, and never will be. i hate stress, and i don't work under it.
i was pretty emo and all this afternoon. came to the point where i didn't give a shit about anything and just plopped myself down on the floor and chilled, watching nadia and jing play the guitar.

i have to apologize to you guys - zhengjoo, kien, tash, nadia. i wasn't exactly helpful today. well, at least i can be honest when i do the evaluation forms. *shrugs*

some way outdated hello pictures to top it all off

feels like forever since the hello! event!

"OI!" - means hello in .... I forgot what language...
Oh yeah.

geoffrey in all his japanese lolitaness.
thanks, you :)

imma go to mid v or the curve tomorrow even if it kills me. i need some retail therapy. gawd.
im out for a rest.

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