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Thursday, August 02, 2007 @ 9:33 PM


Don't know why i'm so clumsy today.

I keep bumping into everything. -_- first, Chiiko's wood fence thing. Made it fall like twice. Then at ikea my swedish meatballs nearly rolled off the plate. Then at Borders i nearly made a whole pile of books fall - yes. Fall. :(


Went to IKEA with WeiHong, Geoff and Robin. WeiHong wanted new furniture for his room, so off we went :P .. Hahah we lost WeiHong and Robin twice -_- and got lost once.
Then when I found them again at one of the shelves in the warehouses, Robin and WeiHong were trolley-drifting along the lane *shakes head*

like this.

the armchairs in iKEA were to die forrrrrr. once you sit down, it's damn hard to stand up. when robin sat into this particular leather recliner one, he was like "omg man, this is totally orgasmic" LOL. yeah it was. you just sit there and you just want to not move ever again for the next few hours.

Wandered around in the Curve when the boys left. MNG was kind of empty. Don't really like the one in the Curve. It's smaller than the one in Sunway Pyramid. The jeans were around RM99 :( . I think I prefer Zara's or ROXY's bootcut jeans to MNG's bootcut ones. *shrugs* Maybe i'll pop over to OU soon to get myself jeans and tops.

Moi in Zara last week with said wanted bootcut jeans and nice striped top.
Momma wouldn't lemme buy boohoo :(

hahah. i'm loving life right now :P great friends, good times :D

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