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Friday, August 03, 2007 @ 10:02 PM

something for the guavas

don't know bout you, but I think i'm half in half out... part of me misses you people and last year so badly, and part of me enjoys where i am now. *shrugs* i'm more muddled up than before.

I finally created my header after two hours of boredom!
*grins wide wide*

I saw some creative slash uber hot pictures of those two (I couldn't tell there were two of them at first), and I just knew I had to make a skin. No brushes downloaded whatsoever.

Source: here

^ this is Charles Personett (mmm... manly, I LAIK!)

^ and this, is Zev.

The drawn bubbles are ingenious. (I drew my own bubbles above :P)

Dead chicken.

My favorite picture of all.

So that's why your mom never allowed you to eat glowsticks. :P

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