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Sunday, September 02, 2007 @ 9:34 PM
Purple Haze.

edit: 12.24 midnight

I can't sleep. I guess i'm psyched that our classes are starting again!

It's funny, really. When i'm in college, I grumble about wanting to have holidays. When I have holidays, I wanna go back to college.

I wonder how English with Miss.Usha will be like...

Guess we'll see tomorrow. Good night.

edit: 10:17 PM

Food for thought: Don't you get annoyed when people only read your blog for the pictures? If that's not enough, this certain person has been harassing me because she claims that she cannot understand what the hell I am writing, and can I please post pictures only, please?

I have only two words in answer : Fuck off.

I finally found something to do when I was going through my picture folders. I forgot to post about my mini 49 cupcakes!

That day, Mom drove me over to the +wondermilk house to pick up the box of coffee cupcakes that I ordered. She was kind of busy, so straight after, she dropped me back at home before going off to do her errands.

Of course, much to my maid's amusement, I grabbed my camera and placed the box of cupcakes on the floor and started snapping.

Box of purple-hued cupcakes, tied with a pretty white ribbon on my pink furry floormat.

I don't know why, but I seem to like the striped cupcakes best. My first cupcake from the box was a striped one, and it tasted like coffee heaven.

Complimentary card with every box! I think I still have the card with me. Somewhere.

That's how small a mini cupcake is.
Two bites and you're done.

A purple polka-dotted cupcake, a decorated purple cupcake, and a striped cupcake.

The trio on my college notebook.

Four remaining cupcakes from the batch are moldy and frozen in the fridge. I haven't the heart to throw them away. :(