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Monday, August 27, 2007 @ 7:02 PM

Rainbow Photos!

I enjoyed editing these few pictures today.
They're a change to what i've been doing these past few days - watching old America's Next Top Model episodes.
Before I continue, I shall just state that Amanda of Season 3 really really really really inspires me.

Okay, so... one day, we realized we were all um, multicolored, so Flo brought out her camera, and we all snapped photos!

Me, Flo, Jason, ZJ

I DO look drunk wtf

Geoff, WeiHong... and Nash who scares me LOL

I am the master of faces.
No, not you.

Yes, I am.

No comment

I just had to spoil the picture. -_-

I like this photo!
I somehow think we all look really artistic and modely... just like those end photos in ANTM, you know, the group ones :D

I look like a stick figure.

There were SO many people watching as we took these - God knows how we managed to not get kicked out of the Media Hub!

Don't you? :D

I couldn't resist making a macro out of this...

Jason poses really well in shots like this.

I LOVE this photo of Zheng.

And last but not least, Jason.
Can you guess where he is posing at?


I really am pissed at some bloody lala who happened to read my personal message on msn and came to my blog to criticize me.
Wtf, I don't even know why I have a bloody Singaporean lala on my MSN list anyway.
Oh right, Maple.


"Ehh, why your blog no pix de worhh? I lazy see words nehh! Don't write so long!"

WTF man. It's MYYYYYYY blog, HELLO? I can write whatever I want to in here, if you don't want to read what I write, then get your checker-clad ass OFF my page.

"So boring wan your blog!!"

Go on, then. I dare you to create a blog, with all the glitter and checks and fucking fugly lala poses with the peace sign at the side of your face like you're Miss Chinese Singapore 2006.

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