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Friday, September 07, 2007 @ 5:07 PM
See You On The Flipside.

The Click 5 are going to be performing in Singapore with the Black Eyed Peas this October 22nd, but they are not coming to Malaysia.

(R-L) Ben Roman, Joey Zehr, Kyle Patrick, Joe Guese and Ethan Mentzer.

Joey is still as gorgeous as ever, and so is Kyle. Ben is insane, Ethan's gone hippie, and Joe seems to be the only sane one among the original four.

I've been on youtube, obsessively waiting for webisodes of the band's documentary, The Band Behind The Band, to load, so that I can watch them all at one go.
*laughs to self*

Ben is mean to Kyle because he thinks he can be the lead singer of The Click Five, (replacing Eric, who left the band. Why? We'll get to that later). The band has an eccentric manager and producer, they spend most of their time arguing over who should be lead singer or keyboardist and playing badminton, and the way Kyle sweeps his hands over his messy hair is so adorable it's hard not to go squee whenever he does it, which is most of the time when Ben is mean to him.

Well? What are you waiting for?
Go watch those webisodes.

Eric left the band in February because he is pursuing a solo career in music, and also in acting! I miss him already. His new album is scheduled to be released some time next year, so i'm waiting for that! :D Thank God he has not left the music scene for good. It would be a total waste, with a voice so unique.

In the meantime, i'm listening to The Click Five's Empty on a loop. It makes me cry. It's a really moving song, and Kyle's recorded vocals do not do him justice at all. His live voice is much much better and it really moves your soul - it's so deep, and so suave, and if Kyle were an actor, he'd be the one chosen to play V in V for Vendetta. (I'm not saying that Hugo Weaving sucks, i'm comparing their oh-so-deep voices.) I've been stalking the band on youtube, what can I say?

Right now, I live, breathe, and eat & drink The Click Five.

I shall appreciate it if anyone buys me the original CD of Modern Minds and Pastimes. Then again, if you were a tad more generous, then I would like a signed t-shirt :D