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Wednesday, September 05, 2007 @ 11:06 PM
Insect mania..

"You know what? You always run into cockroaches wan lah."
quote Zheng Joo.

Not only cockroaches. LIZARDS.

I was just scribbling something on my notebook when suddenly one baby one darted out from underneath the printer, just a few centimeters away from where the mouse was.
My heart jumped, and I clutched at my chest.
The little lizard stared at me for a second, before darting off again.

And also, earlier, I was watching this awesome possum crime show on TV (channel 79, what else) about this guy called the Green River Killer, who murdered like ninety four women and prostitutes and only got caught until after two decades.
Oh, and after he killed his victims, he'd place them at spots that he could remember so that he could come back and have sex with their dead bodies again. He claims that he does this because it is free sex. -_-

Suddenly, this big lizard came out from behind the TV and ran across the screen, conveniently stopping on the Green River Killer's face.

Smart lizard wanna block my view.

Eh, seriously must buy toto already.