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Thursday, September 06, 2007 @ 9:11 PM
Rainbows, sunshine and butterflies.

edit 12.36 AM

I'm going into a The Click Five frenzy again.

Their new album, Modern Minds and Pastimes, rock socks.
Already got the whole thing, and loving it.

Kyle is super cute, and his vocals are soooo good, and he rules when he sings live!!!!
I actually doubted him when I first learnt that Eric had left the band.

Seriously, seriously, they're good.
Real good.

Download Empty, Headlight Disco, Mary Jane, Flipside and When I'm Gone - they're my favorites.
I do hope they're coming here again. (After the response we gave them the last time they were here - I don't think so :( )


*grins from ear to ear*

I'm damn happy now.
Can practically hop from one end of the room to the other.

Today's Scorpio horoscope in the Star is eerily (but deliciously) true.

But one thing i'm so uber worked up about is why is ROXY's Summer '07 accessory collection out when the Summer '07 Apparel collection isn't?!

ROXY, i'm counting on you.
*pulls a face*

Oh, and who wants to watch LOTS OF MOVIES with me?
I wanna watch Knocked Up, Ratatouille, Rogue Assasin, Hairspray, The Invasion and Fracture.
A lot of movies are coming out!!

Damn happy already.