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Sunday, September 16, 2007 @ 12:51 AM

Shiraz is yummy but too much is too much wei
Hate the aftertaste it gives you when its halfway down your throat.

Pictures soon man and wtf I hate google because it wont let me search for journals on effects on mass media in english towards youths what the fuck




Pictures soon I guess. Feeling kind of bummed out due to some fucking reason right now but I can't seem to place why. Ha. Oh well. Feeling kind of weird. Maybe its the wine. Maybe its just ... me. Or maybe its just today. Or... I don't know.

All I can say is that when i'm sitting around the barbeque pit, with the guavas around me, I just feel more comfortable than sitting around any other table in the world, even with my family. It just feels like home.

AND Manchester United kicked Elephant Poop Everton's ass today (THANKS VIDIC) so hahahahahahaha we're three points up, baby!

Ok wtf ... I'm aware i'm rambling on about practically nothing right now so I might as well sign off and go to bed, as its one am.

Joan's in the shower right now though. *shrugs*

Tomorrow's a new day.

Work to do, things to see and stuff to take care of.

Ok bye bye.

p/s: Oh yeah. We visited a shop selling fat carrot plushies today. Nearly went nuts. The largest carrot there is RM49.90. *hint hint* Make sure you get a non-lopsided head one though ;)

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