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Saturday, September 08, 2007 @ 11:10 PM
Maybe the timing is beating our hearts..

(taken from Kyle Patrick's Facebook)

I'm trying hard not to be a squealy fangirl that boybands (and Kyle) usually encounter, but it's hard not to. I don't want to be clingy. *pouts*

I watched Knocked Up today with le Guavalians (Huai, Terence, KaiSin, LingKit, Dereck and TianYi) at Mid Valley after a Chilli's lunch of classic fajitas. Bottomless drinks were a big part of our meal.

Everyone seems to be the same. KaiSin is still as hopeless as ever in terms like BJ (she leaned over to ask me what it meant in the middle of the movie) and Dereck has gotten thinner due to his stint in NS but he is still the same old Dereck. TianYi, surprisingly, has gained a little weight. We noticed this because his Adam was visibly smaller (Huai pointed at it with a finger, and went "EH? WHY IS IT SMALLER?!?!"). Still, it was nice talking to old friends again like in the old days. *bubbles over with warmth*

I am an exceptionally busy woman lately - I owe my Livejournal community moderator a story which is way overdue, my friends some pictures, and Nadia a header (I shall complete it soon, I hope). And oh, I haven't even started on my V for Vendetta review yet! I think it is due on Tuesday.

Gah i'm fucked. I shall trot off to watch a football match (I think?) before drafting my story. Oh well. Au revoir.

Maybe we're trying, trying too hard. Maybe we're torn apart. Maybe the timing is beating our hearts, we're empty.

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