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Wednesday, September 12, 2007 @ 5:56 PM
Fun In The Sun.

Last last Sunday (or I think it was last last Sunday), we arranged to go have some fun at Sunway Lagoon because Andrew's sister was hosting a Japanese exchange student from Nukata High School. And coincidentally, she was Huai's ex-host's little sister!

Terence fetched me, Huai and Joan there :D

Joan went nuts with my camera on the way there.

Taken by Huai.

It was a horrific experience while waiting for the boys to buy our tickets. The sun, the groups of people (it was Sunday, and plus, there were like two tour companies or something with some foreign people lining up and taking up most of the space), and the fact that there wasn't much space at the entrance to begin with made us all hot and sweaty. I was sweating like I had just come out of a hot shower.

Nevertheless, picture time is picture time.

And then, because we were going to get all wet and spun three hundred and sixty degrees in the air, we decided to leave the camera in the lockers along with all our other stuff, so the rest of the pictures are only until after all the fun.

Andrew got hold of my camera and went nuts with it.

Naturally, the first person he took a photo of is...



And then, himself.

Our gang.

Some other people from SriKL came too.

(R-L) LingKit, Joan, Me!, Drew, Huai, Reina, Terence, Drew's sister, Japanese girl, Stella, and Kelly.

Oh, and as we were walking out, there was this place that you could take a picture of the whole Sunway.

We took this picture for old times' sake, for we had a picture taken there the year before as well :)

*click to enlarge*

Super fail man.

Huai and Reina.

So, we said goodbye to Reina, Andrew (for he had to drive them all home) and the rest, and the remaining five of us went to Sunway Pyramid for FOOD since we were all starved crazy.

Me and teh Pounds.

Huai sayang.

We were all so hungry that...

And then, Joan sees ANOTHER knife, and ...

Our food was scrumptious.
Kim Gary, if you were wondering.

All in all, it was a trip full of fun, and it was nice to be with my bestest friends again. :)

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