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Thursday, October 04, 2007 @ 5:38 PM

edit: 8.59 PM


I can't bear to watch as Brennan makes an incision in Jack's leg

*covers eyes with hands*

I'm BACK from Topshop's student lockdown @ sunway pyramid!

free goodie bags for the first 150 customers and 20% off all items, for students ONLY if you flash your student ID!

items were bloody cheap. nine bucks for a waist belt. a hundred twenty for a pair of jeans. nineteen bucks or so for two plain sleeveless tops. etcetera, etcetera.

it was heaven and hell at the same time. heaven, because of all the fabulous clothes in front of us going for dirt cheap prices, and hell because of all the COMPETITION argh!

I think I got pushed/hit by people at least like a hundred times or so, because they were rushing to grab the clothes/tops/pants/underwear/belts/necklaces in their size before they were taken by the other customers.

while we were lining up to get in, I swear this girl behind me muttered to her male friend beside her :

"eh, when you get it that time hor, u run faster than me mah, so you run over to the underwear section then you grab that gray color pair for me hor, size six. kay?"
"you crazy ah? i'm a BOY. hello?!"
"don't care lah! AFTER NO MORE SIZE HOW? everyone go in sure rush and grab what they want wan. later when the gates open we push forward ok!"

ganas right. *shakes head*

anyway, when I grabbed what I wanted to try on, there was already a snaking line forming right outside the dressing room, so I stealthily sneaked in and joined the front of the line, pretending that I already lined up like all the others. this girl that cut lines when we were lining up outside Topshop earlier gave me this death glare as I did so. bloody hypocrite man.

bottom line is, I got my top and headed out of Topshop in around 20 minutes, tops, and I came out alive.