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Sunday, December 16, 2007 @ 7:11 PM

Just yesterday, a couple of us went to Dara's farm for one last college class outing, where we had scrumptious barbeque (the potato salad was again, to die for) and saw lots of animals, fed chickens, climbed trees, and of course, took lots of pictures.

It was nice to escape from city life and just spend time surrounded by nature and our classmates.

These are my pictures :

The baby goat. We all spent ages trying to touch it but it was too fast for us - it always hops away. IT WAS SO ADORABLE - everyone was going "AWWWWWWWWWWWW"

Robin and Syaf climbing a huge tree.

The male deer, dubbed Bambi by Zheng Joo. It was extra friendly, it licked my hand and it even chewed on a rubber flip-flop and Amir's shoelaces.

Their racehorse, Great Hero, getting a free manicure.

He's so tall.

Little Billy venturing near the entrance of the place we were having our lunch.

Miss. T reaching out to Bambi.

Amir picked a chicken up.

This is Mary, one of their two ponies. The other one was a male and he was fierce.

Amir and the chicken again.

Mary grazing.


Here are my pictures for you guys to download

I'm not sending them on MSN, because i've already deleted pictures on my computer, so hurry!

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