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Friday, December 14, 2007 @ 4:24 PM
I suck. I really do..

I'm in the Media Hub now.

My last day in the Media Hub. I don't think i'll be seeing it for another three months or so. Bye red table tops. Bye matching red swivel chairs. Bye stupid swing-door. Hopefully you'll get replaced when we come back. Or not.

It's Zheng Joo's last day here. :( I'll miss her. Lots. Right now she's beside me reading blogs. And we laughed when we saw a funny pic of Ben posted on the boards by Cami.



I really wanted to go to Sunway Lagoon. I pondered over bringing my stuff last night and telling my mom but then I learnt that my exams were until four, so I didn't bring my stuff.

Jayne, LeeYee and Vivien called me just now and told me to go for the Battle Of The Bands thing at Sunway Lagoon but I didn't have my clothes and all and I'm in my college here in Mentari and my house is all the way in SS2, plus, my mom would kill me if I went out today because i'm going to my friend's farm tomorrow morning for one last party with my college mates, so yeah.


I'm sorry girls. I really am. Again T_T. I suck. I really do.

Will meet up with you guys soon. SOON. Promise. If you guys can go out, that is :]

Owh. Mom's here. Gotta go. Will write more later, if I don't fall flat on my bed with exhaustion once I get home.

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