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Sunday, August 05, 2007 @ 10:11 PM
For Lynette.

For Lynette

Oh. My. GAWWWWWWD. Finally!!!! After all this while you finally visited my blog!!! *sniffs* I'm so touched!!! :D It's been soooooo long since I last talked to you - even longer since I last saw you (I believe the last day I saw you was the last day of SPM). We really should meet up one day to catch up! I've only heard bits of news from YeeLin about you. She says that you guys have to study hard in the program you're doing, and I hope you're doing great. (I hope your hamsters - Cloudy/Dusty? - are doing great too.)

Yeah, what you said is true. I realized that when i'm online (which is most of the time, mind you ;P), you're offline, and when you're online, i'm offline. And on that rare occasion when both of us are online, either one of us will be busy with something.

And I remember, on the day when all of us were back at school to collect our SPM results, when you came, I believe I was blowing my nose and drying my eyes in the toilet. When I came out, you were gone, Huai said. I was like "HUH? NOOOOOOOOO" and I wanted to kick myself for crying then.

Also, recently, when the rest of you guys had an outing and you were actually allowed to go, I wasn't allowed to go. I wanted to go so badly, but mom wouldn't let me.

Is this fate, or what?

We definitely have to meet up. Just the bunch of us, like the old days.

Ahhh, the old days. We used to sit in middle of the canteen at our special table- not like it was cleaner or more nicer or anything, but we always sat there. We'd always fight over who sat in the middle because we didn't want to sit at the last seat at the table because there were only five of us, and the table was a rectangular six-seater. All our problems were solved when we moved to a bigger eight seater table anyway ;) You and Huai would be grabbing all the kaya/butter sandwiches and you'd tear out all the sides - when all of you were done, the table would be full of bread crusts (I never minded eating bread with its crusts still on ;P). And remember the time we had this dumb "whose-day-is-it-to-throw-the-plates" thing? I never liked it much (so didn't all of us, I guess), but we never did complain.

Gosh, those days. I'd give away my camera AND my iPod nano just to relive them. :(

That was us, all those months back. :)