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Thursday, August 09, 2007 @ 11:56 AM


even on an emo day like this, I know i'll always have people like Mugen there to help me cheer up.
I also met some fun people on RO that are super super nice - Steve from Singapore, Diae from the US, Rowan from Malaysia and Koushi from I-forgot-where.

i don't need you to tell me what to be like. i am me.


my computer has been infected with that "My Project" virus thing that's been on our thumbdrives due to the Media Hub's computer that's prone to viruses.
being the blur me, I decided to clean out my thumbdrive one day and I accidentally clicked on "My Project" thinking that it was MY file and guess what happened?

... my computer now has the virus and i don't have an antivirus program!!!!

so bear with me for a bit. no pictures for a while - i don't want to infect my phone or camera or God forbid - my iPod. :)
*cuppacakes for everyone!