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Monday, August 06, 2007 @ 9:21 PM

Pictionary... again.

Since i'm really happy today, i'll give you guys a treat.
No... treats! :D

And for your first treat, meet Sam Way!

He's a model for Traffic Models agency and he looks soooooooooooooooooo good.
Freckles are cute on Sam ;)
Makes him all the more prettier. Hands off, ladies, he's mine. :)

Orientation Night
for the July intakes.

Some pictures were stolen from Flo's blog, some pictures were from my phone ;)

This is Florence - I snapped her standing at the speakers because it looked somehow nice :P

That's Shae on the ladder, and Jason behind him.

Satin-covered pillars. Pillar, in this case ;)
I absolutely ADORED the pillars, they were gorgeous.

Shae and Jason still atop the ladder. Zheng Joo's supervising them :)

I got lazy to Photoshop any more because my Photoshop is sooooooooo effing slow, I can read one bloody chapter of the book I am reading now before a picture loads.

The sound system kit.

And then, no one was really tall enough to tie the four ends together so Nash had to go up there. Wave, Nash!

(The ceiling's really high up, btw)

Sprinkled petals on the dancefloor - BEFORE the glitter :)

Anyway, the bridge stuck with stars we painstakingly drew and cut out.

ZhengJoo's a walking blur :D

And then, the party began with the arrival of guests and friends :)

Jason, Debs, Alissa and moi :)

BODO PELICAN -_- and moi.
(someone took out my sneaker keychain's shoelace and left it at that. *narrows eyes*)
The first two candles to float in the water (the first two candles to sink too, no doubt ;P)

Purdee tak?

So pretty can die.
Yes yes, Flo, we can go on and on and on and on and on and on about candlesss :D

Our drinks Geoff thoughtfully got for us.
The usual peach-ish cordial thingy.

Click HERE for more :)

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