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Monday, August 13, 2007 @ 9:53 PM


Are you lost, in your lies?
Do you tell yourself, I don't realize?
Your crusade's, a disguise,
Replace freedom with fear,
You trade money for lives.

I'm aware of what you've done

No, no more sorrow,
I've paid for your mistakes;
Your time is borrowed,
Your time has come to be REPLACED
-"No More Sorrow" by Linkin Park

The song practically sums up my feelings for now. Linkin Park does wonders when you're feeling angsty.
(The RyRo and Bden slash fanfics that I just read on Slash!AtTheDisco cheered me up a whole lot though. Super cute stories that make your heart melt into a sticky puddle on the parquet floor.)

Ah yes, almost all classes are over for the rest of this semester. We've had our last classes with Miss. Catherine, En. Abdul Razak and Miss. Thong already. We're having our last class with Mr.Indy (who still never fails to remind me of Santa Claus - though in Punjabi form- don't ask, the beard, the moustache and everything just screams Father Christmas) on Wednesday. Dreading it. Mr.Indy is, hands down, one of the best lecturers i've ever had - WE'VE ever had, mind you, right up there next to Miss.T and Miss. Cath (her classes ARE boring, really, but seriously, she's been so lenient on us and many are taking her for granted *including me*, and I regret, actually).

After that little i'll-cut-two-marks incident - I just felt it was kind of unfair, the amount of disrespect he got from a certain few. It was just two puny little itty bitty marks, for pete's sake. TWO marks. Dua markah. Duas marcas. Due contrassegni. Dos marcas. Deux marks. TWO. Only TWO. Heck, cut my marks, I don't give a damn. Two marks doesn't make a difference anyway.

What i'm trying to say is, HE IS STILL YOUR LECTURER. And even though it wasn't your doing or whatever, THINK BACK ON YOUR BEHAVIOR. DOES HE DESERVE ALL THAT DISRESPECT SHOWN TOWARDS HIM? No.

I'm appalled, really, at all this. For what's worth, in the end, he didn't even cut marks from ANYONE. And he gave us all tips.

You're taking him for granted, that's all i've got to say. You will rarely ever get a lecturer as good as he is in the future.

You'll laugh at what i'm saying, I know. But seriously. SIT, and THINK. Put this fucking incident aside, and THINK.

*wipes brow* Whew. There. Everything that i've been keeping inside - they're out.
Whatever you think of me, I don't give a shit.
Ignorance is bliss.

I'm out.